William J. "Bille" Bowe

William J. “Bill” Bowe

In 1956 William J. “Bill” Bowe was the Manufacturing Mgr. at Rockingham Machine.  The head of Riverside Foundry, who was unhappy with the service he was getting at Rockingham, told Bill that if he wanted their work he would have to go into business for himself. Bill sold his family’s good car and bought a used truck, rented out a small one-room shop, and went to a scrapyard where he bought some junked machines from farm implements. He got a few gears running,

James E. Bowe

James E. “Jim” Bowe

started machining parts for Riverside, and Bowe Machine Company was born. Over the years, Bill hired employees, added more machines, and purchased more  building space to accommodate his growing business. In the early  1960’s Bowe Machine teamed up with Riverside Products, a division  of Riverside Foundry, working with them to manufacture industrial  shear blades and shredder rotors.

William J. Bowe passed away in 1985, and his son, James E. “Jim” Bowe became President  and CEO of Bowe Machine Company. Under Jim’s leadership, the company weathered the  rough economic climate of the 1980’s and continued to expand. Bowe Machine started to

Simon Bowe

Simon Bowe

develop their own line of shear knives and shredder rotors in the 1980’s, and the Bowe Knives  division was formed, managed by Bill’s son Dennis Bowe. Dennis’s sons Mike and

Tom Bowe  became Vice Presidents of Bowe Machine. Tom Bowe has been General Manager of the Bowe  Knives division since Dennis’s passing in 1997 and William J. Bowe II, son of Jim, is Vice President of Sales and Manager of the Shredder Rotor division. In 2004, Jim Bowe turned over the reins of Bowe Machine Company to son, Simon Bowe, the current President and CEO of the company, while Jim Bowe retains the position of Chairman of the Board. Under Simon’s management Bowe completed one building addition in 2011, adding 12,000 square feet of new construction. Currently, a massive expansion is taking place at Bowe Machine; our new building of 32,000 square feet is due to be completed in the summer of 2015, adding much-needed space to house more equipment, accommodating the company’s growing demands and taking Bowe Machine to the next level.

Bowe Machine, 2016

Bowe Machine, 2016